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Become a Forex Trader

So you want to become a Forex Trader. Why? Because you want to become an overnight success, buy your own tropical island and flit there in your private jet whenever the notion strikes you? When you become a Forex trader, anything really is possible and you can see the realization of many dreams through smart…

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Learn to Trade Forex

The idea of trading Forex is pretty daunting for some. It’s an attractive venture to get in to, but if you don’t know the ins and outs, you could find yourself taking some unnecessary risks. While the possible benefits or trading Forex can be immense, you have to know what you’re doing. Forex trading is…

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What Are Forex Rates?

In Forex, rates is the nickname for exchange rates. As you know, the word exchange means to give in return for something received in turn. In Forex rates, the exchange is made using two currencies. When you’re trading currencies on the Forex, you’re basically making an exchange of one currency to another. The Forex rates…

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